Ravelry: How to turn regular half double crochet into knit alike stitches pattern by Kinga Erdem

Another interesting crochet stitch: How to turn regular HDC stitches into knit alike stitches (working in rows and in rounds, color change and almost invisible seams)

How to create texture with this easy crochet stitch - the popcorn stitch!  ❥Teresa Restegui http://www.pinterest.com/teretegui/board❥

how to crochet a heart: Popcorn Stitch Tutorial: on a stitch, remove the hook, insert hook on the dc and the dc, yarn over and pull thru both loops. Repeat or give space with each time. Next row repeat or give space with row of sc then the next row repeat

I LOVE this!

Flower power crochet scarf: My inner hippy is shouting "I want one! Guess I got to learn to crochet.

crochet strawberry stitch | Crochet & More: Strawberry Stitch Tutorial!  Even have links to videos... this is sooooo awesome

You'll love to learn this Strawberry Stitch Crochet Pattern known as the Tunisian Crochet Strawberry Stitch. Watch the video tutorial now.

(코바늘)알아 두면 유용한 코바늘 코드 뜨기 (끈뜨기) [김라희]kimrahee - YouTube

(코바늘)알아 두면 유용한 코바늘 코드 뜨기 (끈뜨기) [김라희]kimrahee - YouTube