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My Girlfriend not allowed to Twitter topic Hahahahahahaha

girlfriend is not allowed to. My Favorite One Is the milkshake bring boys to the yard

Ha ha.

Next Time When You Post Your Phone Number In A Public Place, Think Again. Funniest thing i've read in a long time!

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Grumpy cat as certain Disney characters

The new Disney Princess – Funny grumpy cat pics Funny Pictures Funny Quotes Funny Jokes – Photos, Images, Pics

Missionaries... Mormon memes

30 of the Funniest Mormon Memes

Every month, we "feed the mormons" funny hilarious mormon lds memes

Lies parents told their kids. You could never get me to believe the one about the ice cream truck.

Shameful lies some parents tell their kids…

This is so funny. My mom told me the watermelon one too.Parents scaring their kids with lies

Funny Daily Pictures #CuteDog

Funny Daily Pictures #CuteDog

i hear "b-e-a-UUUU-TIFUL" in my head every time.

Everyone learned this way…

So true! I hear his voice from the movie every single time I spell it xD

Because sadly, society will tell you what's what....

This is suppose to be a "the world doesnt make sense" thing. but i thought gingers were called ginger because of ginger bread. and that strawberry blonde was pinkish blonde? ive never called a blonde a strawberry.