This is a random thing but I was so happy to find this little tip I wanted to share it with you guys as well. Do you have little boy scouts or girl scouts and have to wrestle with those madd…

Quick Tip: How to Perfectly Adhere Patches

Have a little Girl Scout or Boy Scout? Or a pretty flower patch on a dress. Here is the quickest and easiest way to perfectly adhere patches. No ironing and no messy glues required!

Fabric Glue is the easiest and surest way to keep those girls scout patches secured to your little one's scouting vests.... here's a nice blog with other great tips... how to easily attach girl scout (or boy scout) patches via #diy #girlscouts

The best way to attach Girl Scout to attach girl scout (or boy scout!) patches without sewing. No ironing either!

Girl Scout vest turned into a book bag

From daisy girl scout vest to messenger bag. Wonder if I could combine both her daisy vest & her brownie vest into something cool.

Daisy Bags

Daisy Bags

Use her old girl scout Daisy vest to make a tote bag. The is my favorite upcycle project I've seen for a Daisy tunic.

My troop is full of wonderful girls who are full of curiosity, love, and joy. What a blessing to be a leader.

Now you can check out every badge, pin, emblem, and other insignia available to Girl Scouts at every level.