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#wattpad #de-todo Me llamo la atención y también quise hacer uno ;w;)/ Portada: Yo Dibujo Original: PSlenDy (En deviantart... lo recomiendo, dibuja hermoso ;3;) Bye :'DD

~.: Zodiaco Creppypasta :.~ - Todo el mundo miente, sin excepciones.

I know this is Marble Hornets but I'm pinning it on my creepypasta board because I don't know where else to put it

I've watched this marble hornets entry and so now i feel rlly accomplished with myself

#NoName #ArtistMasterIrina97 by Master-Irina97

#NoName #ArtistMasterIrina97 by Master-Irina97

creepypasta - Pesquisa Google

I saved this to jeff the killer bc it has jeff in the back ground not all of the creepypasta boys.