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Okay no, I don't need any ideas about a pirate story.

Dear diary, I wonder if the infected even know what they are doing. I hope not because the guilt they must feel when the disease moves on would be crushing. I hope not, for the sake of my infected loved ones.


a girl could see a ship in the candles smoke and have premonition of pirate attack.

" - Adrian "Well, nothing. You have wings? I thought vampires wouldn't have wings" - Melek "No way, these wings are special to me" - Adrian

Kissing in times square

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pipenya pirate! au

(ALYSSA AND DARKNESS) Group 5 Pirate captain and stowaway)I get shoved to my knees, hands bound behind my back. The Captain forces me to look at her, holding my chin. A stowaway?


there were nights when the winds of the etherium, so inviting in their promise of flight and freedom, made one's spirit soar.

Pirates of the Caribbean- Mermaid

my gif :) pirates of the caribbean gemma ward Mermaids i tried mythology astrid berges frisbey not fair I was reading that the Pirates ride at Disneyworld now has mermaids Disneyland wants mermaids too

duel in the streets

Romeo and Juliet movie still. See the movie photo now on Movie Insider.

"I told ya you were cute, kid," the girl growled. "I /really/ didn't wanna mess that pretty face up."

"I told ya you were cute, kid," the girl growled. "I really didn't wanna mess that pretty face up.

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In order to save her, he has to rip out her blackening heart; however that will enprison her in that world