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So cute! :)

Why can't I get my dogs to pose like this?oh a goldie on a swing weeeee!cudnt u just kiss this puppy all over awwww!

Golden retriever pilgrims!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. To celebrate this holiday, we can't help reposting some awesome photos of Thanksgiving turkey costumes for dogs (and one cat)!

Abraham-Hicks Quote

"What Mud? I didn't go near the mud." This is what Abby and Chester would look like every time it rained. Mom would get so angry:-)

Just saying I have friends in London and I know where you live so it's not hard to check up on you  I'm joking btw . They wouldn't do that

All the time. A smiley face is not an adequate reply if a person wants to continue a conversation. If i respond to a smiley face its because you are important not cuz your text is a valid reply! <<< I'm just thinking this is freaking adorable

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you never get over the loss of the dearest of friends.They are always waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. See you soon my love. What a beautiful dog.