Left shoulder/arm clock tattoo

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love the tattoos, jury's out on the hair. gorgeous, but i still don't like the idea of a man's hair being that much more beautiful than my own

Beckham do jeito que os fashionistas gostam: em campanha de cueca!

David Beckham dá adeus ao futebol

Sometimes we need to recognize the veterans who set the standards and live in the history text books of male hotness, like David Beckham here. These men are

Color Theory Tattoo Lombard, IL -colortheorytattoo.com

Color Theory Tattoo Lombard, IL -colortheorytattoo.com


David Bekham’s Tattoo Design and Meaning: David Beckham Tattoo Design ~ Celebrity Tattoos Inspiration

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Shoulder Gear Clock Chest Lion Tattoo by Westfall Tattoo

Tattoo by Westfall Tattoo

Arm composition

I have an anchor tattoo that I want, and I think from looking at this photo, I have found the place that I want it.

Absolutely Amazing Collection Of Women Tattoos - Trend To Wear

Absolutely Amazing Collection Of Women Tattoos