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Meine neue Schminkecke inklusive praktischer Kosmetikaufbewahrung!

Makeup vanity, No space? use the usually wasted space under the window and side wall + a trip to Ikea 3 items = job done.

Beauty Diet: The Update

Beauty Diet: The Update (Thirteen Thoughts)

At the beginning of this year, I got rid of a huge portion of my beauty collection. Like, really huge. I talk about practicing mindfulness all the time and at the beginning of this year, I& decided to start practicing&

Beauty product hoarding may be an actual medical condition. @Tay #skincareproducts

Beauty product hoarding may be an actual medical condition. @Tay #skincareproducts

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A look inside PIP EDWARDS' beauty cabinet | THE FILE

This design director is a product junkie if we've ever seen one. See inside the beauty routine of all beauty routines.