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Beautiful singer/songwriter/musician & he's delightfully gorgeous.

Paul Rudd...love him hes hilarious!!!

Paul Rudd is BY FAR one of my favorite actors - REAL person! good looks + sense of humor + sweetness = a very sexy Paul Rudd

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The most interesting thing about Christian Bale is that he has been in different sizes over different periods of time. The Christian Bale diet has always been under scrutiny of the media for all.

I want to smoke weed with James Franco

franco can wear this shirt cause he truly does have swag . and class Fernanda - I couldn't care less about what shirt franco is wearing, in fact we would all be better if he just got rid of them all ;

I heart him. (mostly because sometimes he reminds me of my husband)

I love Jason Segal :) especially as Marshall on how I Met Your Mother

Taye Diggs. Bringin' sexy back to Western New York (or...well... taking it out of WNY and relocating in Hollywood, actually).

Taye Diggs: Tyson Beckford Helped Me Love My Skin Colour

Dave Grohl quote. This guys understands the reason why I sing along to every song at every concert I've ever been too. :)

"That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to people and they'll sing it back for different reasons." - Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters