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This is already on my favorite places board, even though I've never been to Hawaii, the beach is definitely my favorite place. Looking to be on that Hawaiian beach in

Cascadas de fuego del parque de Yosemite, fenómeno natural que ocurre durante dos semanas todos los años. Cuando el Sol se pone en el valle de Yosemite, la cascada de El Capitán  se iluminan desde atrás por el resplandor rojo de los rayos solares, convirtiéndola en una enorme y espectacular ilusión óptica - como si el fuego cayera desde la cima de los acantilados.

Fire Fall Phenomenon Lights Up Yosemite’s El Capitan. Shutter bugs snap to attention for Horsetail Falls' striking reflection.

Cité Elfes Marins : L'eau crée l'énergie nécessaire à l'autosuffisance de la cité.

Future/ Civilizations/Engineering/ blue/ Water/ Inspiring/ Provacative/ Innovative/ story book/ stuff -Concept Art Waterfall City by Joshua James Shaw

Definitely have to do this! Scuba Diving in the Tectonic Plate Gap Between North American and Eurasian plates near Iceland.  5.2. 2016, www.nco.is , NCO eCommerce, IoT, www.netkaup.is

Drifting apart: Amazing underwater photos that show the growing gap between two tectonic plates

Tectonic plate gap between Europe and America. Wouldn't it be an adrenaline rush to swim in between the gap of these tectonic plate separating Europe from America !

Indigo Forest

Funny pictures about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Oh, and cool pics about Just a nighttime stroll through the woods. Also, Just a nighttime stroll through the woods photos.

Han Son Doon cave in Vietnam.

The Hang Son Doong cave in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam Son Doong is the world’s largest cave, created million years ago. A half-mile block of buildings could fit inside it!