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8 Steps for freezing herbs in oil~ the oil-and-freezer method of preservation works best with the tougher hard herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano. These are all herbs that would probably be cooked when added to a dish.  Soft herbs such as mint, basil, lemon verbena, and dill are usually added raw to a dish, and they don't respond as well to this kind of preserving.

Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

Herbs in frozen olive oil is one of my favorite ways to harvest. The herbs don't get dry, brown and brittle in the same way they do when they're frozen in water. They also retain their scent and flavor much more effectively!

Strawberry Spinach Seeds

Strawberry Spinach Seeds

strawberry spinach is one of the best-kept secrets of the herb world. a native american plant, this annual sets tiny, deliciously tender leaves that can be cooked like spinach or used fresh in salads.

Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato Seeds

Tumbling Tom Yellow Tomato Seeds

Russian Queen Tomato | Check out Front Door Farms #StripedCherryTomatoes HERE: http://www.frontdoorfarms.com/products/aquaponic-heirloom-striped-cherry-tomatoes-mix

Russian Queen Tomato Seeds - "most productive tomato variety we have ever grown"

Peppers can be planted along with tomatoes in the summer garden. From sweet to spicy, there are 100s of varieties to choose from—thick-skinned bell peppers will meld beautifully into a sauce, but choose whichever variety you like best.

Whether for recipe heat or garden color, these peppers deliver - It’s hard to think of any other vegetable that offers as many colors and tastes — and is part of so many cultures and culinary traditions.

Food Fact - RED BELL PEPPERS CONTAIN 3X AS MUCH VITAMIN-C & 20X MORE BETA CAROTENE THAN OTHER PEPPERS making them   superfood heros in fighting free radicals, significantly boosting the power of your immune system, greatly reducing your   risk of cancer and heart disease. Now go eat a red bell pepper! #veggiegoddess facebook.com/theveggiegoddess

Karma Hybrid Pepper Seeds: Bright red pepper is 6 inches long and 4 inches wide, with a rectangular, blocky shape.

new low-heat habanero, the "habanana", developed by Cornell breeder, now available to growers. Two transplants will ship May 11. 500-800 ft isolation to save true seed.

habanero minus the heat? meet the 'habanada'

Habanada is easy to grow and thrives in low fertility, offering up to a pint of fruit per week. Photo by Matthew Goldfarb.

Snow White: A gourmet's delight. I can't say enough about this exquisite, ping pong ball sized, white cherry tomato which ripens from white to ivory to palest yellow with a bright, rich and sweet juicy flavor. Very prolific, easy to grow, pretty as starlight and a top seller.

White Salsa Use white tomatoes, white sweet peppers and Jaloro peppers for a unique spin on traditional salsa. Prep Time: 5 minutes Total Time: 4 hours (must be refrigerated several hours or overnight)

Harvesting Potted Ginger

Harvesting Potted Ginger #ginger #gardening #natural

Rosette Green Tatsoi http://www.seedsofchange.com/quickfacts.aspx?c=9780

Nice rosettes of dark green, spoon-shaped leaves that add a delicate, mild flavor to stir frys and salads.

Lemon Cucumber    Widely-adapted and disease-resistant!  3- to 4-inch-diameter fruit has thick white flesh great for eating fresh or pickling. 65 days. A delightful novelty when it was introduced in 1894, Cucumber Lemon has stood the test of time, continuing to amaze children and please gardeners with its unusual appearance and great flavor!

Lemon Cucumber Seeds

Break the mold of the long green cucumber with Lemon Cuke, a tangy, flavorful heirloom!

Worm tower. Feed the worms kitchen scraps from the top of the 3-4 foot pipe and watch the plants growing around take off.  http://www.ecofilms.com.au/how-to-build-a-worm-tower/

Build a Worm Tower To Spread Compost Over Your Garden

How to Build a Worm Tower - This visually illustrates the concept of building a worm farm in your raised garden bed, where you want your compost worms to go to work for you, feeding your vegetables with nutrients. This system allows you to recycle food sc

3 Things About Sowing Nasturtium Seeds: - Nasturtium don't really like being transplanted, so either direct sow them, or try starting them in peat or coir pellets. - Nasturtium seeds need darkness to germinate. This makes starting them in pellets a little trickier because making sure they are completely covered and in darkness isn't as easy with pellets as it is with regular ole dirt. - Nasturtium seeds germinate a lot better if they are soaked in water over night.

3 things about sowing nasturtium seeds. Every part of this plant is edible, leaves, stems, flowers. My comment - Nasturtium leaves taste just like a radish, delicious!

Amish Paste tomato | Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co - 80 days Many seeds savers believe this is the ultimate paste tomato. Giant, blocky Roma-type tomatoes have delicious red flesh that is perfect for paste and canning. World class flavor and comes from an Amish community in Wisconsin. Image provided by www.abundantacres.net

Many seeds savers believe this is the ultimate paste tomato. Giant, blocky Roma-type tomatoes have delicious red flesh that is perfect for paste and canning. World class flavor and comes from an Amish community in Wisconsin

Pepper Orange Blaze F1

Pepper Orange Blaze F1

Although colored peppers can be difficult to grow, the All America Selections winner Orange Blaze solves that problem. This variety proved itself a winner in Al