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All the gym rats and fitness lovers will understand: It's so much more than lifting (or running or cycling or boxing!

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Especially when you can hear them over the loud music coming from your headphones--- I can't even

When someone asks me if they can have some of my protein powder #Gymmemes #GAINS #Protein #gymhumor #gym #Gymlife

Ernald Swertnurger on

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These guy be like I workout for 2 hours at a time, yeah because you spend an hour talking. This applies SO much at our gym lol ♡ Mεchεllε

How about people encourage the newbies - it takes a lot of courage to walk into a gym full of gym rats who forget what it was like to begin!

Rocky III

Ugh, this only bothers me bc I work at a gym & have to deal w/ more mess than usual this time of year that's approaching.