Plant...Life Cycle Freebie!

Observe and describe major stages in the life cycles of plants and animals, including beans and butterflies. Life Cycle of a Plant "Freebie" differentiated lesson for grade 3 students on an iep

FREEBIE--Plant Word Search for K-2 from Red Apple Teacher on -  (2 pages)  - Plant themed word search for K-2

This word search contains plant themed words. All words are horizontal or vertical. Use as center work, morning work, or for early finishers. Can be printed on paper or placed in a pocket protector and circled with dry erase markers.

Science for Kids: Observing Plant Growth with Bulbs (with a FREE printable observation sheet!)~ Buggy and Buddy

Science for Kids: Observing Plant Growth Using Bulbs

Science for Kids: Observing Plant Growth with Bulbs - This board "Science" has some excellent ideas for science experiments!

Label a Flower

Label a Flower

Science-Literacy Packet: The Lifecycle of a plant! Includes a plant observation log to integrate language skills

Plant life cycle activities-Writing to define, label, research, and explain. Part of a complete science unit for teaching the plant life cycle for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade.

It's Plantin' Time! Writing About Science & A Freebie

Plant life cycle activities-A complete science unit with hands-on mini lessons, learning labs, anchor charts for photosynthesis and parts of a plant, and a focus on writing about science with this culminating foldable flower lapbook. Students write to def