Petite Madame

Welcome to the (Tragic Kingdom) - 2017 Art for the fan fiction Welcome to the (Tragic Kingdom) by a collaboration for the Fandom Trumps Hate auction.

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thefingerfuckingfemalefury: “ theactualcluegirl: “ petite-madame: “ “The Avengers and their favorite T-shirts” Series - Post You can find POST ONE here (Tony, Steve, Bucky and Sam) and POST TWO.

Lol haha this is somewhat true...

The Marvel Chris Vault. Has to be a thing. I apparently have a thing for guys named Chris.

the-life-of-bucky-barnes:  On Instagram

"In the Avengers Tower Lab" - but who's in Tony's mask? (Maybe the armor is taking it easy while Tony works?) (Art by petite-madame) <- If you look closely you'll see the metal arm holdin the newspaper. Bucky is wearing Iron Man's mask.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier – A LitFlix

50 First Dates meets Marvel meets Captain America: Winter Soldier! This whole thing!

I feel like I remember watching this interview on Disney channel years ago

"Things just go missing." Haha Calum Worthy and Robert Downy Jr.


That one time Bucky found out how Steve “died”. bucky and captain america. Bucky and steve

He is so funny when he answers this type of question... "What do you do in between the Marvel movies?" "Um...look for another job."

He is so funny when he answers this type of question. "What do you do in between the Marvel movies?"<<< Sebastian please I don't want to be unemployed Stan.

*sigh* Looks like I'm going to the corner of feels, *sees tons of Marvel fangirls/fanboys* oh look I'm not the only one *sobs all together*

civil war: bucky wants a goddamn ride by on @DeviantArt

tfw u want a ride but ur friend is an asshole (ಠ_ಠ) << remember bucky once destroy his car xD