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Water Element Layout | Tarot Card Spread | Divination Oracle

Elements: Water Spread

While I was on vacation I was so inspired by the power of the elements, the wind whipping my hair around, the sand beneath my feet, the sun beating down and warming me and the immense pull of the O…

Air Element Tarot Spread

Air Element Tarot Spread - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

earth spread

Elements: Earth Spread

One of my FAQs is, "How often should I have a Tarot Card reading? It depends on your purpose - what type of reading you

Escaping Stars | TAROT SPREADS

Here is the fire spread! The element of Fire is one all about passion and inspiration and creating the life that you want by going for your desires. The spread I’ve created for y…

mercury retrograde tarot spread

Mercury Retrograde Tarot Spread

mercury retrograde tarot spread A good aid in guide for Mercury Rx

“I Need Advice” Tarot Spread

Previous pinner wrote: This is an excellent tarot card spread that I’ve had for a while, and use regularly in readings for other people. I rely on it so much because if the empowerment that it gives to the seeker.

asoulajar: A new spread for unclear situations. This could be... tarot tarot spread divinationmumbles

asoulajar: A new spread for unclear situations. This could be used for specific situations: (i. a failing relationship, family problems) or in a more general reading for self-healing.

Basic knowledge about your chakras and how to open them. Text from "Avatar - the last airbender" loved that this was in a kids movie!