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Translated by Sarah Nader [image text] When Maite had her first girlfriend at many thought she was just experimenting. It may as well have been the case, but Maite can’t recall ever hearing that.

Stereotipi femminili - TPI

Translated by Sarah Nader [image text] Rebecca had depression, and only after many months she was able to wear clothes that revealed the scars left on her body. Rebecca, these marks are a reminder of.


Carol Rossetti a rt 9 years older, together 35 years, married 28 years, 4 children, 3 grandchildren.

Translated by Sarah Nader[image text] Sarah is a transwoman and was recently disrespected and made to feel ashamed by two cis women in a female public toilet. Sarah, you deserve to be respected when using public facilities just like any other person!


Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti has created 12 powerful illustrations with one resounding message: Don't you dare tell a woman what to do with her body.

Erica and Lilian by Carol Rossetti

Erica and Lilian by Carol Rossetti<< this is so cute I have never competed against or fought with any of my friends

Carol Rossetti http://www.carolrossetti.com.br/

No one should feel ashamed of being themselves. This is what feminism is about Carol Rossitti


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