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Fine Lines: Little Abstracts using Value - - directions, needs abstract pictures!

The REAL link to these watercolor sprays

Playing with watercolor sprays

watercolor sprays: all you need is a spray bottle and acrylic paint. Mix 2 parts paint to 1 part water and shake to mix.--would be cute to have the kids spray on canvas this summer!

Fall Leaf Art Project. Great for the beginning of the year or when studying seasons.

Trace big leaf, break it up with pencil, sharpie outlines, use watercolor pencil to shade inside of leaf, and then wet/blend the colors inside.

Fine Lines: Camouflage Collages

Camouflage Collages - uses a magazine image, sharpie, watercolor paint. Middle school or high school art project.

Symmetrical Name

Perfect and simple example of radical balance. Look at how eveything seems to be coming from a point in the center.

Painting - Etsy Art

"Here Comes the Sun" by Amy Giacomelli. This work reminds me of a stained-glass window in church.just awe inspiring!

Artsonia Art Museum :: Artwork by Marc477

natasha wescoat fantasy trees, good to mix this with Klimt to give student's options.

aborigens 3

Zilker Elementary Art Class: Grade Aboriginal Dot Paintings (Did the same concept at den meeting, but used AZ Native American animal designs as inspiration. It turned out great!

alcohol ink on tiles...I love how they all come out differently, even if you use same everything!! TH rocks!!

alcohol inks + cheapie ceramic tiles = hours of psychedelic fun from Artsyville. I bought me some alcohol inks, and I SWEAR these will be my new kitchen backsplash!

I loved how these turned out. And they were so much fun too.     I hate wasting paint, but with kids and acrylics, it's hard to avoi...

a Wonderful Life: Freestyle Paintings - group projects using up extra acrylic paint when finished w a project. Love the idea for "more permanent art" in the school.