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This ad just won Silver at Cannes. Ogilvy Malaysia hired some local Lego artists to create the posters that play off of the surrounding environment. Yes, they're actually made of Lego bricks

Lego, que bien trabajan casi siempre...

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The Fitness Company. Heavy Weights were placed at various subways in New York City which creates an illusion that the person holding the safety bar is doing weights

Publicidad gráfica / los mejores anuncios

Diseños de aficionado se convierten en anuncios oficiales de LEGO | Revista PyM

Can You Name the Original Painting from these LEGO Versions? The Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci

Heinz primero adicta a sus salsas, ahora a su gráfica

Heinz Seriously Good Sauce Print - by Dave Brady. they took the cheese slice and had it point into the sauce jar. really effective way to move your eye down the poster to the product

Lo mejor de la #publicidad en las paradas de #autobús

SunSmart Cancer Council Western Australia: Cut Out. Cutting your sun exposure is easier than cutting out a skin cancer. Free sunscreen There is nothing healthy about a tan Protect yourself 5 ways from skin cancer

Condensador de Fluzo » 35 anuncios publicitarios de Star Wars en el 35º aniversario de su estreno

LEGO Star Wars "Make your own story", a clever ad campaign by the Brazilian advertising school Escola Cuca.

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Multicontextos en un solo impacto visual: El caso de Absolut-Ikea