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УЗОР ажурные «шапочки».

05 - Ажур.

Красивый ажурный узор: видео, схема, описание

Nice free knitting stitch pattern with chart. The written instructions are in russian but the chart uses pretty standard knitting symbols.

(3) Одноклассники


Lace knit

ru would love to try this pattern. I wonder if the chart would be enough since its in Russian.

Lace knitting

Yet another gorgeous lace pattern that makes me want to change all my clothes to lace items

Рельефный узор "Бабочка в руках" | Шкатулка с Мечтами

Рельефный узор "Бабочка в руках" | Шкатулка с Мечтами

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A great knitted lace pattern for beginner. Multiple of 12 sts, + Stitch repeat is highlighted in pale yellow.