How to Train Your Dragon #funny

I love how "Neville Longbottom" has become the term used to describe this transformation from dweeby kid to total babe

Fuck everything I'm gonna name my kids sans and asriel (love this names) maybe Vincent

Everyone should learn from Tom on these kinds of things

I never realized that I love Tom Hiddleston until this moment and now I have a new top 10 celeb : awww that’s so cute, why the media doesn’t talk about him? I’ve always known him as the bad guy in Thor ☹️ Thanks for sharing this post

"Hotel Transylvania" - I laughed so hard at this part when I saw it in theaters.

Even Sony Hates Twilight

Hotel Transylvania- funniest animated film I've watched in a while. Loved the Twilight vampire joke

:D (Phineas and Ferb)

Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus. What did you do with Perry the Platypus? *puts hat on* *gasps* Perry the Platypus!

i don't really like the overreaching sense of logic but... it's cute, and i like cute :)

Little "shippy" but I'm pinning just for the term "handkerchief of dreams" 😂

Someone's Tumblr did a thing and I am LOVING IT!!!!

i want a box of ickle bitty baby dragons for my birthday too!

Oh my goodness hiccup can't you follow a few simple rules! But then who am I kidding? They're Vikings, "it's an occupational hazard"

Lol Toothless is not really any of these things. He's just a big bat/cat