Niall Horan. I don't only like him because he is cute and Irish but that he is sweet,amazing, and wonderful

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guys, okay so today my friends asked what i would do if i ever married niall and i just started to cry. I think they finally believe me when i say their not just a band to me.

He's such a cutie

The iCarly cast said that Niall’s laugh is annoying… Awkward moment when Niall’s laugh is funnier than the actual show.<<<<< I hate Icarly because of that! His laugh is so adorable! I ❤️ niall!

I don't care what anyone says, I loved his teeth like that, and I love them now too. :)

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Can we please take a moment to appreciate how amazingly beautiful Nialls selfies are!

He is so perfect <3 I wonder what he is thinking. hmmm, does anyone else wonder what him and the boys think about?

*when some fan takes a picture with one direction but all the directioners crop the fans out of the picture*

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Harry: Liam, what's funnier than turdyseven? Liam: I don't know, what? Harry:Turdy eight! Liam and Harry laugh Louis: What's even funnier though? Liam and Harry: What? Zayn: TURDY NINE! Everyone rolls on floor laughing:D


gahh look at him trying to act all tough but in reality he just looks like a lil baby bunny