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Manic tux by Drawloverlala Manic: how i look now girls? Amy: ohh you look really handsome! Manic: emm really?? Amy: Sure Sonic! you are the most beautiful thingie i ever seem! Manic: S-Sonic?

Manic tux by Drawloverlala Manic: how i look now girls? Manic: emm really? Amy: Sure Sonic! Manic: S-Sonic?

A confession to make...THIS CRUSHED MY HEART!! SONIC YOU BUTTHOLE! Fine, I have a backup couple for Amy anyway....SHADOWXAMY IF THIS SONIC EVER TELLS HER THIS

I'm sorry to all the people that think that Sonic loves Amy!

just a sketchy little comic i did some time ago.. Silver... that wasn't the deal....

I doodled these this morning and decided to colour them later on in the day :I SonAmy gender bender everyone! Enjoy x sonamy genderbend

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Awesome (Yeah BOI, I see my favorites in the same picture for once)

The shading is well done. Plus it is makes a good version of black and white drawings of sonic characters.

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