Friends by markmak on DeviantArt

Friends by markmak on DeviantArt<<<<Dipper and Mabel are actually in Grade going into High School(I think)

Part 1 Gravity Falls "I Wouldn't Mind" by Tanosan96

This hurts mah heart! ---> Part 1 Gravity Falls "I Wouldn't Mind" by

"In Our Bedroom After The War" - art piece by starfleetrambo on tumblr (Part 4)

Gravity falls <<< The darkness is filled with dread, but at least, the war is over (actual song lines btw).

Drink by riamarie33 on DeviantArt

Dipper you jerk Don't go around drinking other people's drinks! Especially Pacifica's =o= I am soo in love with this AU omggg


nightrizer: “ I thought I should post this Monster Falls au sketch dump that I’ve been working on before the finale airs. I didn’t get around to drawing every form people had suggested (like mermaid Stan and Deertaur Ford) and I wanted to have more.

GRAVITY FALLS - DipperXPacifica Timeline by LonelyHuntress28 on DeviantArt

Ok I have the feeling Stan wouldn't like the ponytail cuz he had a mullet and disliked it so yea