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“When the Moon fell in love with the Sun all was golden in the sky, all was golden when the day met the night.” from “When the Moon Fell in Love With the Sun” by Panic! at the Disco from ‘Pretty.


YES-Seriously guys, I just climb trees and talk about fandom with my friends, or try to convince them to watch anime with me <<< Can I be your friend?

☽we dream alone☾ ☽@darksilhouettes☾

The most annoying thing about road trips is people talking to me while I'm trying to listen to my music - also lol to “maladaptive daydreamer”

Honestly same

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Hug for everyone crying behind their screen. Unfortunately, I can't fly to your house and break your window to do it myself, so I'll do it virtually!

The message is beautiful but plz dont say God****To all those people out there that I've talked to. *virtual hug* and if you ever need to talk I'm always here (I have no life) and if I ever talk to you don't be afraid to open up and rant.


If someone said this to me i would faint no joke///honestly I would laugh because that's super cheesy XD

They did and not just once...

Interests / friends / taste in music. my family would never have said anything about my weight though.

All. The. Time. So glad I'm not insane

All. The. Time. So glad I'm not insane