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ES ~~ Chibi chef with fish on his mind. :: Haruka Nanase by「うゆゆ」


Look at Rin and Makoto looking at each other! And their jogging outfits! And Nagisa's hair is so adorbs!

 | Iwayobi Swim Club, Free!

Everyone must love water -Haru Free! Iwatobi Swim Club<<<anime characters are so sassy and sarcastic i love it

Free! - High Speed! Volume 2 - Ikuya Kirishima (桐嶋郁弥) & Asahi Shiina (椎名旭)

Kirishima Ikuya, Hazuki Nagisa, Nanase Haruka, Serizawa Nao, Tachibana Makoto and Shiina Asahi

When Mako does the face... It's perfect. // It's not just Haru. Although, he's probably affected him in various ways.


Makoto is disappointed in you.Also judging you. <--- It's really sad when sweet Makoto judges you.

フリ - look at sousuke with his arm around rin. look me in the eyes and tell me it's not canon.

MakoHaru, Sourin and Rin and Haru being bros while Souske and Makoto just look at them like, "I love my boyfriend.