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Ingetje Tadros

Ingetje Tadros snapped this picture of a woman from the Paroja tribe in Orissa, India, where locals daub their clay houses with colours made from natural dyes.


The woman tend to dress more traditionally and the children play outside and go to school.

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Say it with a Picture: Epoch’s Travel Photographer Ingetje Tadros

The Mursi tribe are an African tribe from the isolated Omo valley in Southern Ethiopia near the border with Sudan. There are an estimated 10,000 people in the Mursi tribe. The Mursi are sedentary rather than nomadic. The Mursi have their own language called Mursi, which is classified as one of the Surmic languages. The Mursi have a reputation for being one of the more aggressive African tribes and are famous for their stick fighting ceremony donga.

LIP PLATE - body modification extraordinnaire Although there are many independent cultures who have at some point donned lip plates, there is only one remaining tribe that still actively practices lip stretching: the Mursi tribe in Ethiopia.

Big moustache Photo by ingetje tadros -- National Geographic Your Shot

A big moustache Photo and caption by Ingetje Tadros Rabari elder showing off his big moustache, the bigger the moustache the more status. Rabari men wear red turbans and white clothes.

Pom en Sokoan verven hun zijde met natuurlijke kleurstoffen

Artisans in Takeo province in Cambodia are dyeing silk yarn.

Africa |  Hamer man photographed at Turmi Market, Omo Valley, Ethiopia | © Alessia de Marco

Hamer man photographed at Turmi Market, Omo Valley, Ethiopia - © Alessia de Marco

nigerianostalgia:   Yoruba farmer, with his family members, removing seeds from cocoa podsAdamo village, Nigeria.(1959) Click for more Vintage Nigerian photos

Yoruba farmer and family removing seeds from cocoa pods, Adamo village, Nigeria, 1959

Girls in Djibouti   smile♥

Flat Stanley goes to Africa: Flat Stanley Goes to Djibouti