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John Barrowman, love his voice!

captain_jack_harkness (Doctor Who & Torchwood) -john-barrowman (so he plays for the other team he's still good to look at)

John Barrowman - john-barrowman Photo

HD Wallpaper and background photos of John Barrowman for fans of John Barrowman images.

Young John Barrowman, with his five dollar charm and ten dollar smile. Couldn't resist pinning.

Young John Barrowman!

Young John Barrowman, I still say he looks like John Travolta when he was in Grease

9 знаменитости John Barrowman - Captain Jack Harkness

signing copies of his autobiography 'Anything Goes: The Autobiography' at Waterstones in Oxford Street

John Barrowman = Jack Harkness - immortality + twerking.

17 Actors Who Are Basically Their Characters IRL

17 Actors Who Are Basically Their Characters IRL. Oh John Barrowman. You are Captain Jack, except you only sleep with men.

John Barrowman, ITV Studios

at the ITV studios

I realize he's gay. But I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.