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Nerd Girl Problems I used to say Her-moyn instead of Her- mine- ee lol!!!

Nerd Girl Problem 364 - Pronouncing A Word Wrong Because You've Read It A Thousand Times But Never Actually Heard It Spoken.

nerd girl problems

They keep saying these are "nerd girl" problems. I think they're "reader" problems. You don't have to be a nerd to enjoy a good book and reading doesn't make girls nerds.

This is why I haven't gotten into the whole Kindle thing, because nothing compares to a REAL book. The smell of the paper, turning the pages...It's just such a wonderful experience.

Nerd Girl Problem 64 - People Think You Are Weird Because You Like To Smell Books.

Friend: "Dude, you like never blink!" Me: "What?" Friend: "I watched you for like three minutes and you only blinked like ten times!" Me: "Don't blink. Blink and you're dead."

I make Supernatural references so much and my non-supernatural-watching friends get so annoyed

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Explaining Fandom

Nerd Girl Problem 213 - That Awkward Moment When You Have To Explain What "Fangirling" Is.

X,p i.e sirius, lupin, tonks, prim

More accurately, this is Problem Problem - when your favorite character dies for the umpteenth time. Problem - when your favorite character dies for the last time.

That is why I keep a notebook buy my bed

Nerd Girl Problem That's why it's a good idea to keep a notebook by your bed!