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Klaus Rinke is a German artist who explored several artistic means (painting, sculpture) before concentrating on body art. He especially used the movement of the body, captured through performance and photographs, as a means to express the passing of time. The theme of the clock itself...

Klaus Rinke: Time, Space, Body, Transformations

Klaus Rinke: BODEN, WAND, ECKE, RAUM, Why is space so important in photograph?

Relation in Space (7 parts) by Marina Abramovic & Ulay

View Relation in Space 7 parts by Marina Abramovic Ulay on artnet. Browse upcoming and past auction lots by Marina Abramovic Ulay.

Trisha Brown performing "it's a draw" in which she holds chalk with her hands and feet and dances across large pieces of paper laid out on the floor - creating a type of natural dance notation and raising important questions about the practice of recording movement.

In conjunction with an exhibition of her drawings, modern dance legend Trisha Brown improvises movements across a large piece of paper placed on the Medtroni.

Коллажи из фотографий и картины Дэвида Хокни (David Hockney)

Hockney, David / David Graves Pembroke Studios London Tuesday April 1982 1982 / Composite Polaroid 51 x 26 in x cm)


mikepennphoto In 2008 I noticed a surge in the removal of roof top TV antennas so I set out to make three very large typologies of them printed

Trademarks, 1970 Vito Acconci

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Etienne Decroux

Etienne Decroux's Corporeal mime, definition and history