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Stoke Beer

Over the past few years Supply has worked closely with the McCashins to help make Stoke Beer the biggest selling independent beer in the New Zealand.

Brad O'Sullivan | Smokeproof Press | Letterpress Label: Dashfire Bitters Vintage Orange #1

Letterpress printed bitters label for Dashfire Bitters. First flavor release: Vintage Orange Nr. Seen here on the actual bottle with the bitters.

Stranger & Stranger's Schucks featured on Jeannie Jeannie

Stranger & Stranger Patented Bottle Sleeves Collaboration with winemaker Truett Hurst and retailer Safeway.

Q:Im just curious. I really enjoy Dalis work, but at the same time Im not a bandwagoner in the sense that I like to look at local arti

Every designer knows that typography is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design and modifying type glyphs. We’ve previously covered typography in a few articles showcasing examples and the best usage.

Regular Beer by Kamil PiÄ…tkowski

Packaging Inspiration

Regular Beer tries to be "normal" so that it could be paired with a bold pattern. Even the thickness of the lines though shows a lot about the drink, that its meant to be hard.

Take away beer - they need to offer this at outdoor venues! Would be great when you need to make a run for you + a bunch of other people!

Packaging inspiration

A concept for a takeaway beer four-pack that retains the form of the traditional beer pint using recyclable paper cups. Designed by Ivan Maximov for the Ru.

Save The Planet By Boozing With These Paper Wine Bottles (Bottle Packaging)

Paper wine bottles by Paperboy Wine in Paso Robles, CA. lighter than traditional bottles so good for camping and hiking.