You're pretty sure you’d be a great crime scene investigator.

Hahha but for real unspeakable things

"We cannot bear to tell you what horrors the pigeons have wrought" Hellooooo, Night Vale.<---- YES<<< XD

its on Netflix! just watch it!

My life. And Doctor Who. BBC is beginning to control my life.

Anderson lowers the IQ of the entire street when he opens his mouth. // NO one wants to be like Anderson.

John's face

I love how in this scene Sherlock just can't seem to figure out why no cabbie would pick up a bloody, harpoon wielding man. I also like the look of horror on John's face when he first sees Sherlock like this

benedict cumberbatch

File Under Hand Porn Benedict does have the most beautiful hands but this portrait is really wonderful. Photography: Colin Hutton file under porn in general File under JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL


Some Actors . Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter. Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage. Johnny Depp is . Johnny Depp IS everything

Some fun stuff for you :)


Someone invite this man to more public events. I would invite him to every stinking one!

Kidlock. (the game is on) - part 2 by ilcielocapovolto

Woooow I did it! (I wanted to die yesterday for all this coloring, srsly). (the game is on) - part 2