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Vlisco Super Wax is in a class of its own and perhaps that is why others want to imitate the designs. Vlisco brand is contemporary, proudly Afri

Africa | Ghana Wax Batic Print Fabric

Last Piece: BATIK genuine African wax print fabric - Shy of 1 yard- Orange, Green, and Brown Lampshade Pattern

Vlisco Unfolded The Tour | Berthi's Weblog

Vlisco Unfolded The Tour

Stunning nature scenery design african wax print by TamiahDesigns, $6.20

BY THE YARD Stunning nature design african wax print / batik / ankara fabric - high quality wax

Gerelateerde afbeelding

West African Wax Print fabrics: Combining traditional printing processes with modern styling.

Best Quality African Fabric for less  Sold per by tambocollection

African print Red Shoes fabric, Vintage shoe designs per half yard, / Cotton novelty print fabrics/ clothing/ accessories/ decor/ Shoe crazy by tambocollection on Etsy