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This is about the Principle of Anonymity. Im just a garden variety drunk. Just for today I will be who I am and stay out of the fray. I will simply listen and pick up chips.

You know my name not my story love love quotes quotes quote teen quotes …

what's yours?

like the curves of a tortoise shell or the lines in my palm the beat of my heart when you touch me says it all

Pinterest is on point right now.

True,You cant change anyone,just live your own life. Imagine the time it has finally taken to realize this in our Life and, Live it or give it our, Best Shot !


You can’t judge my choices without knowing my reasons. Trust me, I have my reasons and I think they are good ones.

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I had to bite my tongue with the jaw strength of a salt water crocodile - sometimes people are so invested in themselves they shock me with their appalling behaviour

She's Got Bite Marks On Her Tongue From All The Things She Never Said. Rather have bite marks elsewhere.

So true :-) stay strong everyone!!

Before you start to Judge me, step into my shoes and walk the life I`m living and if you get as for as I am just maybe you will see how strong I really am

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10 Popular Quotes for Today

Words don't make you a better person. Change your actions and maybe people will believe you by jasmine Pretending.A teen once told me, "To pretend is a lie; it's not the truth, so it's lie." It stand to reason that some action are lies!

Isn't this the truth!

people are going to judge you anyway, so forget everyone and be yourself. Just be you cause not everyone is going to like you. The only person that really matters if they like you is you.