Shipping Container homes are so cool. love the tem

Intrigued by container architecture? This weekend, Jim Poteet of Poteet Architects talks about a guesthouse he created out of a container in San Antonio, T

10 Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now

10 Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy Right Now


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Like deep dish pizza, prop comics, and nude beaches, there seems to be no gray area when it comes to shipping container homes: some people truly love them while others despise them. Maybe it's the setting or the cherry red exterior, but I find this one compellingly livable. What do you think? Is this home a compelling example of adaptive reuse? Or is it the Carrot Top of sustainable architecture?

8 Shipping Containers Equal 1 Family Home

A Shipping Container Costs About $2,000. What These 15 People Did With That Is Beyond Epic. | My99Post | Funniest Fail Pics | Motivational P...

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I WILL own a shipping container home someday. Yes, yes I will.

50 Incredible Homes Made Of Repurposed Shipping Containers

In building seems many prefer building with wood but I must admit the idea of a reused steel container is appealing. I’m certain in extreme weather conditions and earthquakes a steel building would be a much safer place to be than a stick build house.

Architect Patrick Partouche has designed Maison Container Lille, a 2100 square foot house built entirely from eight shipping containers. That would be interesting on its own; He has left them in a really rough and ready form with the original doors left on, acting as brise soleil or can be closed for security. It is also another good example of how architects can subvert building regulations; I suspect that sloping roofs are a requirement.

House Built From Shipping Containers is High Tech Chic

french architect patrick partouche has recently completed 'maison container lille', a single family residence created from eight shipping containers within the countryside of lille, france.


50 Shipping Container Homes You Won't Believe

Shipping Container Guesthouse Retreat

Shipping Container Guesthouse Retreat

Shipping Container Guest House by Jim Poteet Shipping Container Guest House by Jim Poteet – HomeDSGN, a daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on interior design and home decoration.

shipping container studio in texas

At Home in the Modern World

Texas architect Jim Poteet helped Stacey Hill, who lives in a San Antonio artists’ community, wrangle an empty steel shipping container into a playhouse, a garden retreat, and a guesthouse for visiting artists.

Prefab Shipping Container House

Check out our exclusive pics of this gorgeous shipping container prefab that popped up in the West Village.

Shipping Container House. I'm so wow!! right now how great this reusing can be love it love i wish i could see how it is inside

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