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Vintage United Colors of Benetton advertisement; a great exercise in visual storytelling.

girl United Colors of Benetton

Benetton – Oliviero Toscani

Sunday, 7 April 2013 Visual documentation of the United Colors of Benetton campaigns from the to Today i will be using visual reference to the design processes of the United Colors of Benetton campaigns from the to the 1984 1985 1986 1988

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A picture of can designs for popular soda brands over the past few decades.

Funny pictures about Soda Can Design Evolution. Oh, and cool pics about Soda Can Design Evolution. Also, Soda Can Design Evolution photos.

Vintage ads seem appalling by today's standards, but they are quite interested from a socio-historical POV.

If your husband ever finds out you're not "store-testing" for fresher coffee.if he discovers you're still taking chances on getting flat, stale coffee. woe be unto you! For today there's a sure and certain way to test for freshness before you buy.

'Safe Night Out' campaign poster from the UK. The 'pedagogy of regret' used to stigmatise binge-drinking in young women. It implies that they bring sexual assault upon themselves by drinking too much.  This shit pisses me off!

Police apologise for rape poster

Victim-blaming campaign by West Mercia (UK) police as part of Safe Night Out campaign

Melissa Trahin: This is an example of gender stereotyping because it highlights the idea that women are dependent on man to open a ketchup bottle because they are not strong enough to do it themselves. It also fits into the stereotypical role of women as stupid. This is done to strengthened male dominance.

Del Monte Ketchup You Mean a Woman can open it most sexist advertising extremely sexism sexist print ads of the Housewives chauvinism chauvinistic advertisements mad men don worst funny draper

Benetton – Les années Toscani |  Pub en stock

Benetton – Les années Toscani | Pub en stock