Movie Legend by illustrator Vince Low Illustrations Scribble Drawing

The eleventh issue of quint magazine.

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I pinned this from Joshua Corona. This image is of the Joker, and his face is made of us a quote of his "Why so serious?" I like the graphic design perspective and how the typography is used to give his face and hair shape.

The best

Water-color, minimalist poster of the Joker by Benjamin Cehelsky.

Artwork by Lucky Star.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I'm getting bored with the current Batman Comic book story of Commissioner Gordan replacing Batman.

Heath Ledger as Joker from The Dark Knight Sketch Portrait, Charcoal Graphite Pencil Drawing Poster - x Print from FlyDart, INC.

Introduce algo de anarquía y altera el orden establecido. Entonces el mundo se volvera un caos.

He isn't a freak. Neither a jerk, neither insane, neither mad. He's just himself, in a whole pretty world without those damn rules.