What if the guardian isn't  invisible. They just don't do anything unless you say certain words?

Words long forgotten.

Prompt -- Every human has a personal invisible guardian, summoned by magic words long forgotten. You& just said the words by accident.

Writing prompt

writing prompt (this reminds me of Amy Pond who grew up with a crack in her wall so she could remember people that never existed and bring them to life just by thinking of them)

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He has kept his immortality secret for thousands of years. That's going to be a lot harder now that he's on a generation ship, on a 2000 year voyage.

I'm not sure whether I want them as just dead bodies or as ghosts of dead people

Dead people.

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We picked the place the storm couldn't reach and that made it angrier. It grew louder and more violent I pulled Alice closer and squeezed my eyes shut thinking that if i don't see anything i can convince myself it isn't real.

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A 16 year old boy with congenital heart disease has heart surgery and walks out the hospital healthy. However, he encounters the girl who donated her heart.

I think that those seven men were the only people in world who cared for her.

The only oak tree.

Writing Prompt -- Seven men, in black and silver robes, buried her body beneath the only oak tree in the field.

But turns out the third world has more mysteries than originally thought, and facts don't coincide with real life logic, leaving a paradox where things need to be explained....

The third world war.

The year is inside an ancient artifact, what the people f the time called a "book", is written a historical account of the world war.

I loved to rock climb but I was in the hospital I had took a fall and broke my neck I had taken many falls befor but none like this my boyfriend told me I had to stop I replied but that would break my heart he replied better a broken heart then a broken neck

Well, Eric, I'm glad you got out of that relationship before she did something drastic like." "But she broke my heart! " "Better a broken heart than a broken neck!

It couldn't be. Not him. I perused the poster a second time. But it was.  My phone vibrated, signaling an incoming call. It was a number I didn't recognize. Then my eyes jumped back up to the poster on the sub window. It was the same number from the posters.

writing prompt poster were taped to everything along the street and it was only after the third one you actually noticed who was on them