Levi loves to clean.

Levi Rivaille, Attack on titan, shingeki no kyojin Pictures. his trousers >//<

Soooo cute!!!!!

Does Levi Ackerman Love, Like, or Hate You? I made the Test and he LOVES me 😍 i promise.i did answer like i thougt and feel 😒😯

Levi | Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan

levi attack on titan Did you know that this guy(despite his size) is 34 years old? Then I won't be robbing the cradle.

erens-jaeger-bombs: “雪漣月 | 【壁博2】新刊のお知らせ【リヴァイ中心】 Permission granted by the artist to repost. [Please do not remove source] ”

If Attack on Titan had jet pack/grappling hook flying machine in their medieval time period why the hell don't we have this NOW