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Antique White Mug-glove Handwarmer Mug - 12 oz- handmade wheelthrown pottery from JessHunterCeramics on Etsy.

grande jarre oxydée Claudine Nicostrate

grande jarre oxydée Claudine Nicostrate This looks hand built but could be am idea for a thrown and altered piece.

ann van hoey’s ceramic serenity

ann van hoey’s ceramic serenity Beautiful bowls made of slabs.


"Analysis of madness. Madness really." uhhhh you lost me on how pertains to madness but those are really cool mugs and I waaant them.

Tasse getöpfert.

Apparently, the maker is TASSE GETöPFERT. Yes, I know it's wheel thrown, but think of the possibiltiies!

Pot à poignée ronde

These pieces create a new shape for a common piece. I love the simplicity and how the artist puts the focus on the round handles.


Living Clay: Artist Johnson Tsang Brings Ceramic Bowls and Cups to Life sculpture ceramics anthropomorphic. Want to learn how to make ceramics. I drew designs on a few plates this past Christmas and I want to be able to make more.

cute and fabulous! @Holly Barnes I feel like your sis would create something like this!

mugs with tea bag slit.love this, just remember to turn the slit away from you when you take a sip! This is a cool idea for when I make my tea!

Handmade dinner plates-stoneware clay-pottery-ceramic-hand built-blue-crackle-set of six, custom dinnerware

Handmade ceramic plates, dinnerware, Wedding gifts, Set of 6 Organic shaped Tableware, pottery plates Dinnerware set