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Never surrender. Found this on an inspirational website with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation

I don't think this was meant to be a funny... but the bottom looks like a year book photo of my high school boy's wrestling team with tits. Ick.

Fitness motivation inspiration fitspo crossfit running workout exercise - fuck the bitches who think lifting will make you unattractive!

Haha yep... pretty sure I look like I'm giving birth when I work out. Hawt.

from now on this is your sexy face, and you better be pullin' it every time you workout. just do it

50 Inspiring Fitness Motivation Posters -

50 Inspiring Fitness Motivation Posters

Get inspired to get fit and healthy. Lots of fitness inspiration and weight loss motivation to get you moving!

Put your mind to it and you can do it

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It actually works for me :)

Workout Clothes You'll Freak Over

I do this all the time. Once I have my workout clothes on it just seems stupid to take them off before they're sweaty. It's a mind game. :) I always feel so guilty if I'm in workout clothes but don't exercise!

Don't talk. Just act. Don't say. Just show. Don't promise. Just Prove!!

oatsnjen: “neverending-pursuitofhappiness: “onlyfitgirls: “ Taylor Dayne ” I legit thought this is oatsnjen for a sec ” I WISH ”

Fitness motivation

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Ernestine Shepard - 73 y old body building champion

Ernestine Shepard – 74 yrs old – Amazing!!

It's never too late to get fit and look fabulous! Real inspiration: Ernestine Shepherd is 74 years old. She is a personal trainer, a professional model & a competitive bodybuilder. She started exercising at 56 and took up body building at Amazing!

LIVESTRONG.COM's 30-Day Push-Up Challenge

The 30-Day Push-Up Challenge

This Fitness Challenge Will Make You Feel Like A Badass By LUZ PLAZA Push-ups are quite possibly one of the best upper-body exercises. They build muscle, strength and endurance. Plus, they have the added bonus of not requiring an