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Piano Problems And yet still annoyed at being interrupted

I can think things and get lost in music, forgetting that I'm even playing, but if I try to talk to someone while it playing, it's awful!

Piano Problems

Piano Problems - This is one of the most frustrating things. I have no problem singing white playing, but just carrying on a conversation is difficult. Guess I've just got one of those one-track minds.

Piano Problems

Piano Problems - this is so funny to me because one of my piano pedals has been squeaking and I'm the only one that gets annoyed.

Trust me, when you're homeschooled you learn to deal and work in any environment.

The sound of the dishes clanking combined with music is all too relatable for me

Every day of my life. Because they always complain that I'm playing too loud!! I can't help it!!!!

My 12 year old brother does this. He is tone deaf and can only play like 3 songs and they sound so bad.