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wake up on january next to the one i love (Not that I would be asleep due to New Year's Eve)

It was delicious. I like Connies and Gino's East!

I'm from Chicago, so I've eaten Chicago-style pizza many times. Giordano's and Gino's East are the two best pizza places in Chicago.

Not sure I'd have the nerve to go through with it, but would love to try...

That's actually the nope swing, found on the mountain of heck no, in the country of turning around now. <--- that comment lmao! Only I'd say the fuck no swing! Found on the mountain of you got to be shitting me, in the country of you're a fucking idiot.

I've always wanted to visit Japan. Think of all the Pokémon things I can encounter

Your Bucket List. I would absolutely love to live in Japan for at least one year. I believe it would be a life-changing experience.

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I have been to Germany. a place where my Mom was born while her dad was stationed there in the military. We went on a Choir trip in High School and stayed for 2 weeks. It was at Christmas time too. SO Beautiful but cold!

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Suspended Capsule Biking - Shweeb Pedal Powered Monorail at Agroventures Adventure Park in Rotorua, New Zealand

Planting trees.  I've done it since childhood and plan to continue doing it the rest of my life.

I want to plant a tree. maybe when a big event happens. like birth, relationships, to remember a love one.

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Go to a drive-in movie  (we<3it.com)

I want to go to a drive in movie, must be in the back of a pick up truck though. Lots of blankets and pillows and friends, or a significant other. We even have a drive in movie place near our house.

Learn how to play poker

Learn how to play poker. I can play five card draw, but I can't remember how to play Texas hold 'em.