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Chapter 6:: caravan:: When they came to a beautiful wagon, they approached an older gypsy woman. "Where are your parents? Have you already ran away to get married?"  In gypsy culture, it was common for teens to run away to get married.  Vlad and Nadia had talked about getting married in the past. I mean, if you had spent six years with only one person, you would either want to marry them or murder them. Vlad smiled at Nadia and she was beaming.  He turned his attention back to the older…

Chapter caravan:: When they came to a beautiful wagon, they approached an…

I would love to live in a little house like this on the beach instead of the woods, but the woods would do if there is a lake close by.

Luna Parc - Home and studio of madcap artist Ricky Boscarino, and sprawling over six acres in the lush Northwestern woods of New Jersey. (****See Pins showing different views.

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Jeanne Bayol, pictured above has carved out her own unique niche in restoring old gypsy caravans and decorating them like no other. Her Caravans are for sale at les verdines. website and book: "Les Roulottes : Une invitation au voyage"

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon:  A Gypsy wagon. (sent by reader and friend Melanie A.) Thank you Mels. : )

These amazing gypsy caravans will make you rethink living in a tiny house, taking one cross-country or setting one up in your backyard for a lovely little getaway spot or as a guest house.