These are super cute pictures too!  I like the concept of our guest book being a famous book of lore & legend of somesort.  =D

You must behold this Harry Potter wedding, complete with exploding Goblet of Fire

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12 Ways To Throw A Happenin' Harry Potter Party

Any Harry Potter fan will not want to miss this spectacular party! See more party ideas at!

Harry Potter / Birthday "Giullia - Harry Potter Themes Party"

How to have magical Halloween party inspired by Harry Potter

Everything You Need For a Magical Harry Potter Halloween Party

Harry Potter party setup. Owl on tree stand, book cakes, owl sugar cookies.

Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

Spell book cakes, broom sugar cookies, and chocolate owl pops, oh my! This is definitely not your traditional party dessert table, but it all looks so yummy.

such an involved party.  really clever ideas for activities.  works best if everyone attending loves Harry Potter.

@ Karen Anderson Townsend -- check out this link for some good harry potter party ideas! Sugar Bean Bakers: { The Epic Harry Potter Party Post }