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Billede fra http://static2.bonluxat.com/cmsense/data/uploads/orig/Enzo_Mari_Wunderkammer_syz.jpg.

Billede fra http://static2.bonluxat.com/cmsense/data/uploads/orig/Enzo_Mari_Wunderkammer_syz.jpg.

speak without my voice: Aetheric Alchemy Cabinet....

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

After numerous attempts of finding the right collection of ingredients, Professor Augustus Bafflemire finally accomplished his task.

I would love a cabinet of skulls and a full skeleton in our home #dreamhome

scary Black and White creepy weird wtf vintage horror skull strange work skeleton Macabre odd anthropologie unusual taxidermy old photography blanco y negro Oddity freaks

jeffknightpotter:  Photo by Jeff Knight Potter Such an intriguing assortment of curiosities! ...

Jax: What has Holmes kept from the cases she's solved? madamecuratrix: “ jeffknightpotter: “ Photo by Jeff Knight Potter for “The Best of Kage Baker” ” Such an intriguing assortment of curiosities!

DIY: How to make your own Terrarium Picture:http://www.thecollectiveloop.com/2011/06/self-contained-ecosystems.html#.Uw8bE-N5Mwc | flora, maidenhair fern, curiosity cabinet, curiosities

How to make your own green terrarium to keep or give away for the holidays

What a beautiful use of bell jars, terrariums and an old mail sorting shelf! This is using vintage antiques in a modern way at its best! Via The Slug and The Squirrel

Cabinet de curiosité (oeuvres de Jean-Pierre et Anne Laurenté), cloche, skull, butterflies

Cabinet de curiosité (oeuvres de Jean-Pierre et Anne Laurenté) - Not really scary, but I felt like this would be the best place for it.

I love me a cabinet of curiosities     mainsail:    Wunderkammer (via Jere Smith: Wunderkammer)

practicesngenres: “ Jere Smith: “Wunderkammer” While doing some research, I discovered that a Cabinet of Curiosities is also termed as Wunderkammer (Cabinet of Wonders). People utilize these cabinets.

cabinet curiosities

Victorian Undertakers Cabinet of Curiosities. Something I am striving for!

assemblage art by mike bennion

Inspiration for curiosity cabinets - assemblage art by Mike Bennion inspiration for found object art