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Crane landing

una Gru (Grus grus) in fase di ammaraggio - Water landing for a Crane (Grus…

A pair of Japanese cranes during the courtship display

Red-crowned cranes almost became fashion victims at the beginning of the century.

cranes Japanese | Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis) | Japanese Cranes 2

cranes Japanese | Red-crowned Crane (Grus japonensis) | Japanese Cranes 2

Whooping Cranes are endangered due to habitat encroachment and hunting. The story of work towards their recovery is a fascinating one. Photo by Mike Sloat.

Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, the Outdoor Magazine of Texas: With grace, stamina and charisma, the whooping crane has shown an extraordinary ability to survive

sandhill crane

A pair of sandhill cranes inspect something in the distance.

Japanese Crane - Grus japonensis... also called Red Crowned Crane

Japanese crane in flight - View amazing Japanese crane photos - Grus japonensis - on Arkive

Whooping Crane  --  Endangered  --  Total population in the wild numbers 382 individuals.  However, the only self-sustaining population breeding in Northwest Territories & Alberta in Canada & wintering in the southern US, numbers 266 individuals, fewer than 250 of which are mature.  Hence a precautionary estimate of 50-249 mature individuals is retained, which equates to 75-374 individuals in total.

Whooping Crane Grus americana One published sight record with photos. 2005 from Wooldridge Road, near Cayo del Oso, NAB

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The Passenger on

Red-crownd cranes in Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan by Toru Kona, via

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ARTFINDER: Crane with Fish by Kellas Campbell - Chinese calligraphy ink, applied with brushes, carbon, graphite and iridescent pastel to draw this crane.

壁紙になりそうな画像を貼るスレ 動物の巻:ハムスター速報

Winter ♥ Endangered Red-crowned crane alights after flying in at dusk near the Akan International Crane Center on Hokkaido Island, Japan

˚Sandhill crane doing a dance as they do in courtship

by Robert Grove