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Are all the Mellark men named after bread? What's Peeta's dad's name, Pumpernickel?"<-- last pinner I was thinking it was a spin off of Rue and willow is a plant like Katniss and primrose

Lift scene!

Katniss face is like man this is awkward.peeta face is like don't look oh gosh don't look.and the older guys face is like yeahhhh.by far the most funniest part in the movie.


This is the most devastating thing in the hunger games other than Rue's death! I so ship Clato though

Seriously I do not approve most of those other actors to play Katniss! Saorise Ronan, maybe. But no one is better than Jennifer Lawrence!

8 Facts about The Hunger Games and it's cast! For the fact I'm so glad they chose Jennifer Lawrence! If not her then i would chose Shailene Woodley

This was only in the movie! In the book Finnick had to go save his butt because PEETA CANNOT SWIM! LIKE HELLO? PEETA HAS A FAKE LEG! DID YOU EVER READ THIS BOOK?¿?¿<<<THIS!!!!!!

This was only in the movie. In the book Finnick had to go save him because Peeta (like many other tributes) can not swim. But Peeta is Not in the least bit weak emotionally or physically.

When I saw that I was like ''slide!! \(^-^ / )''

Look it's a slide

I thought about this while watching the movie. My little sister came in and said, "I thought you were watching the Hunger Games? Why are people sliding down a slide?

The Office - Michael Scott: aside from hitting her with my car, I've been so kind to that woman.

cool I love the Hunger Games, but these jokes make me love it even more!!!!... by http://www.dezdemonhumor.space/hunger-games-humor/i-love-the-hunger-games-but-these-jokes-make-me-love-it-even-more/

I love the Hunger Games, but these jokes make me love it even more

30 Funny Hunger Games Quotes

30 Funny Hunger Games Quotes

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