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R̥ͦO̥ͦG̥ͦE̥ͦR̥ͦ T̥ͦḀͦY̥ͦL̥ͦO̥ͦR̥ͦ
"You say coke, I say caine. You say John, I say Wayne. Hot dog, cool it man I don't wanna be the president of America. You say smile, I say please. Cartier, I say geeze. Income tax, I say Jesus. I don't wannabe a candidate for Vietnam for Watergate, cause all I wanna do is... Bicycle."-Queen

What Queen Song Are You?

Because every girl should feel like royalty.


"Reign" | The ornate gown worn by Kane called for equally extravagant jewelry & these oxidized, gold-plated Swarovski crystal chandelier earrings from designer Vicki Sarge were ideal. ''I actually bought them from the [online retailer] "The Outnet" previously & they were so gorgeous I was holding off for a special moment to use them,'' says Markworth-Pollack of the $214 earrings. And no coronation scene would be complete w/out the all-important crown, which she purchased from vendor "Courtly…

‘Reign’ Sneak Peek: Dressing the Cast for a Coronation

Take the Throne

25 Confidence-Building Mantras to Write on Your Bathroom Mirror

This has all the good things....Freddie, a BTTF and Star Wars refrence....it's so 80s

The Queen Comic You Won't Forget

i love queen!