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I think we can invent something scarier like this that is a snake for the identical masks around the fire

Geek justinrampage: The dreaded Masters of the Universe super villain Skeletor looks better than ever in Dave Rapoza’s new finished fan art illustration.

Just Me

Artist: Unknown name aka wangxiaoyu - Title: Unknown - Card: Outraged Skeleton King (Sharp)

Sorceress by Alexander Fedosov

This painting was made in ukraine and shows a girl with skull things in her hair and marks on her face.

Domitor Invictus

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse, as rendered by Dave McKean, from his and Neil Gaiman’s Tarkovsky-inspired Signal to Noise. I’ve been hearing lately that it should be ‘Conquest’ rather than.

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Dont know i look at this picture and see scarecrow.but the dopest version‍♂️