how to draw shoes high heels

How to draw high heels tutorial. Learn how to give your fashion shetches some beautiful footwear in a few easy steps. Just draw shoes that are amazing.


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How to draw fashion sketches could be a business opportunity for ...

Fashion design book - The fashion drawing book for fashion designer. The fashion drawing book for fashion illustration and design.

Skirt length

anatoref: “ Drawing Skirts Row & 3 (Left) Row 3 (Right) Row 4 (sent by a friend, Source Unknown) Row 5 ”

IL Figurino di Moda is better than any fashion design book I have ever seen or heard about. Infact this book is already known as " One.

Comment me a character and an emoji! I shall do as many as a want! >:3 (Credit to the tumblr user who made this chart)

I made an Emoji Challenge!Basically if you’re doing it someone sends you an emoji with a character and you draw that character with the given expression.

Just what he needed for the challenging part of his art!  Drawing tutorials by Banphrionsa

Simple sketching tips. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART I was just struggling to draw hand palm side out the other day. THis will be so helpful in the future.